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The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a community-focused approach to substance abuse prevention. The SPF State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) is a SAMHSA/CSAP Initiative that involves convening people from all community systems and programs in a five-step process using local data to:
  • promote youth development
  • reduce risk-taking behaviors
  • build assets and resilience
  • and prevent problem behaviors across the life span

How is the SPF different from previous approaches?
The SPF is similar to other approaches for program planning and community mobilization, however, the SPF shifts the focus from individual program level change to the larger measure of population level change. The SPF is also built on outcomes-based prevention that focuses on both consequences and consumption across the life span.

The five SPF steps guide you to a closer look at local data and conditions. This up close view informs local decisions about the problem and consequences of underage drinking. By taking an active role in the process you will discover the best possible actions for your community culture. You will plan actions mutually supportive of local success. And you will evaluate and reflect to gain insights into what works, what doesn’t and lessons learned.

The purpose and ultimate goal of the Kansas SPF is to reduce underage drinking and related consequences in Kansas. The intention is to support and grow culturally appropriate prevention strategies (policies, programs and practices) that work and can be sustained over time. The four Kansas SPF SIG goals are to:
  1. Build capacity and supporting structures to seed and sustain effective prevention strategies that fit the state and local cultures
  2. Delay the first use of substances and reduce the progression of use once started
  3. Reduce substance abuse and related problems in the funded communities measured at the population level
  4. Develop a statewide Strategic Prevention Framework to seed and nurture the structures and processes necessary to support effective prevention programs, policies and practices.

The SPF and Kansas SRS
Background of Federal SPF Program

What Next?
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