SPF-SIG Needs Assessment : 2008 Harper County Report
How do they get alcohol?
During the past 30 days, how did you usually get beer, wine, or hard liquor (for example, vodka, whiskey, or gin)?

30 day use?FrequencyPercent
0 occasions7986.80%
1 or more occasions1213.20%

How do they get alcohol?FrequencyPercent
I gave someone else money to buy it758.30%
A person 18 years old or older gave it to me18.30%
I took it from a store or family member18.30%
I got it some other way325.00%

Action Steps: Guiding Questions
    How do they get alcohol?
    What section is the largest? Another way to ask this question is how do the majority of youth report getting alcohol?
    Based upon your community data, other than youth who might your community need to target in order to reduce alcohol access?

Action Steps: Next Steps
  • View the "Stop/Red" and "Go/Green" influencing factor data

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