SPF-SIG Needs Assessment
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This website will walk a community through a data driven process leading to the prioritization of key indicators in the community. This prioritization process is critical to the planning process and will set the foundation for program activities over the implementation of the Kansas SPF. Communities will begin this process by examining information related to underage drinking in their community. Communities will explore where underage drinking occurs in their community as well as what groups of students are more likely to be youth drinkers. Then communities will brainstorm possible factors that enable underage drinking in their community. This brainstorm activity will serve to provide possible leverage points for program planning.

Once the brainstorming activity is complete, communities will begin their in-depth data collection. Recommended measurements and data sources will be provided. Utilizing these data points, communities will engage in a consensus building process the product of which will be a prioritized list of factors that enable or encourage underage drinking in your specific community.

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